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THANKSGIVING DAY! - Details in the events tab.

Some of our members watch their Bills games at home with direcTV (NFL ticket), a few don't watch at all - just check the scores after the game.  However, a LOT of fans enjoy the excitement of watching with other crazy Bills fans at our Official "Bills Bars" in the Metroplex (HINT:  there are only TWO {see above}).  We invite you to join us for any game.  We also have some members who like to travel to a few games - both in Buffalo or "away".

Be sure to stop by and say HI to our President, Mike Cipriani at Buffalo Bros in Fort Worth or our VP Ryan Strobel who can be found at the Hideaway in Dallas every week!!

Details on planned parties/tailgates at the "away" games with other Bills Backers groups can be found on this site. Backers Away Game.

Our group is a member of the Bills Backers International, an organization managed by the staff at Buffalo Bills headquarters, One Bills Drive, Orchard Park, New York.

If you like to communicate with other Bills fans or keep up with the latest Bills news via message boards, be sure to check us out on out Facebook page (link on the contact us ​page).  

If you have any questions about our group, where we meet or our activities, please feel free to contact us at info@dfwbillsbackers.org   

we also recommend the following Buffalo Bills pages:

www.buffalobills.com; www.twobillsdrive.com;

www.buffalorange.com; www.billszone.com